Making Car Insurers Compete For Your Business Will Save You Money!

Car insurance is a fact of life that no one can avoid but, armed with a reputable list of car insurers can make your task of finding the best deal on your auto policy a whole lot easier.

Shopping for car insurance does require some homework but fortunately, that homework can be a breeze when you do it online. A quick search will easily uncover the best and most reputable insurance companies in your area. You may even get a discount just for shopping online. That’s a good start!

One thing to beware of when doing your online research – if you find a site that recommends the “top 3” insurance companies, do not take their word for it. Research each company on your own.

Quite often, people build web sites and chose the top paying car insurance affiliate programs to represent. That means that the companies they are recommending are paying them a commission to get your business. These companies may not necessarily offer you the cheapest rates but they are peddled as “the best” because the they are the most profitable for the web site owner.

Discounts offered by the individual insurance companies can vary wildly and are based on personal circumstances of the driver taking out the policy. So, before you start comparing quotes, consider the criteria they look for and prepare a list of possible items that may qualify you for the most discounts.

Here is a short list of things that can save you money when looking for cheap car insurance:

  • Practical cars will be cheaper that sporty cars.
  • A good credit score will help keep your premium down.
  • Requesting higher deductibles, will lower your costs substantially.
  • Estimating a lower annual mileage will also save you money.
  • A car equipped with safety features will get a better rate.
  • Having completed defensive driving courses will help.
  • Of course, a clean driving record is a must for cheaper rates.

Armed with that knowledge, visit one of the many online sites that allow you to compare quotes instantly or visit the individual sites of the most reputable car insurers. There are many out there to choose from but, to get you started here are perhaps 10 of the best:

  • Esurance – “Save Some Green”
  • Geico – “Just 15 minutes can save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance”
  • Progressive – “Name Your Price”
  • State-Farm – “Like a good neighbor State-Farm is there”
  • All State – “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate”
  • Liberty Mutual – “Helping people live safer, more secure lives”
  • A.A.A – Trust A.A.A for Travel, Automotive Services, Insurance, and More.
  • Nationwide – “The Vanishing Deductible”
  • 21st Century Insurance – “Protection is our Profession”
  • American Family Insurance – “Strong, growing and friendly”

Don’t shop by price alone, ask you friends and family for recommendations. Often the best testament to a company’s policies and customer service is through word of mouth!Remember, many companies offer discounts that are not advertised. Present your discount “wish list” and ask questions! Car insurers will compete for your business and when they do, you save money!

Car insurance can cost a bundle but making car insurers compete for your business can save you a lot of cash. Discover even more discounts that can help your whole driving family save money by visiting Tips On Car Insurance.

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