Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers – 4 Reasons For the High Premiums and 4 Ways to Pay Much Less!

Getting cheap car insurance for young drivers can be quite the daunting experience. The whole experience of obtaining adequate insurance coverage for their cars can be frustrating because young clients have to pay high premiums. Actually, it’s not just more expensive premiums – they are among the highest of all driving groups. Insurance for young drivers is costly due to a number of reasons.

First, statistics show that most accidents are caused by drivers with less than 2 years driving experience. Over 20 percent of all drivers have accidents within the first year of driving.

Second, around 25 percent of all road accidents occur because of drivers aged between 17 and 25 years.

Third, most of the thefts, vandalism and fires on cars are experienced by younger drivers. This leads to more insurance claims by the young.

Last but not least, younger drivers have a higher likelihood of loading their cars with friends which makes them more prone to car accidents than older people who use their cars more carefully. And for inexperienced drivers, paying attention is critical.

Seeing as there are so many hurdles to getting cheap car insurance for young drivers, is there a way out of this historical data? Of course! The following advice is very practical to any young person who needs to drive a car without having to pay exorbitant insurance premiums. Although historical data is hard to beat, there are a few things you can do to appear less “risky” to auto insurance companies and get discounts to lower your monthly premium payments.

First, look for a car that is known to be safe. The “safer” the car, the lower your monthly payments will be. Side window air bags and other safety features should be reported to the insurance company in order to get a cheap car insurance for young driver’s policy that is within your budget.

Second, see if your parents will allow you to sign onto their existing policy. You will be “piggybacking” off of their stable driving history and will allow you to get a much cheaper policy. If you’re parents balk at this situation, let them know that it will be just temporary. Tell them that you want to prove to them (and the insurance company) that you are a safe driver. After 6-12 months with a perfect driving record, you can usually get your own individual policy at a decent rate.

Third, be sure to maintain good grades at school. This is one tip that many younger drivers aren’t aware of. But it’s a fact that just about all auto insurance companies will give insurance discounts to drivers who do well in school. Why? Getting good grades is in an indication of your ability to be responsible. A more responsible driver is one that is less likely to get into an accident. Insurance companies will reward for this by making your policy more affordable.

Finally, take some extra driving classes to get certificates which could earn you discounts on your vehicle insurance. Driver’s education classes are not just to be a better driver. Most insuring companies will give graduates of these courses an instant 10 percent reduction in their policy premium.

If you are looking to get cheap car insurance for young drivers, you do have to deal with the historical data that states that younger drivers tend to get into accidents more often. This is the reason for the high insurance premiums. But all is not lost. By following the four tips above, you can ensure that you have the cheapest auto insurance policy possible.

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