Do You Need to Insure Your Precious Pet?

After taking home your adorable pet, the first question that would normally pop out will be: do I need a pet insurance? Will it be worth it? Your first instinct, as soon as you fall in love with your new cherished family member, is to do everything in your power to protect it. This might lead you to the thought that probably insuring against possible veterinary bills is an essential and imperative one. While in many cases buying insurance will be the right way to go, it is by no means certain that you need it this time. Each case will need to be judged on its own merits.

One important consideration is what type of pet you actually own. The more exotic and unusual your choice of companion, the more certain it is that you should insure it against medical bills. An unusual pet will need a specialized veterinarian with an in-depth knowledge of the particular species, and this will obviously cost more than the treatment of any domestic cat or dog which normally can be carried out by any vet, including a student. Of course, your choice of company will be limited in the case of an exotic pet, but some of the biggest and best insurers in America have departments which can cover any pet you could wish to name.

Even with ordinary pure breed pets, you should still consider the kind of insurance you want to get them. Some pure breeds are prone to specific disease which will require extensive treatment. This can be a major consideration in the case of dogs, where the purity of the breed can have a profound effect on the risk of certain illnesses attacking them. As a rule, the purer the breed of your dog, the more inherent risk there will be. Although this will obviously be taken into account when the premiums are calculated, it is still going to be far too much of a risk to leave such a breed without insurance.

Cats are more prone to cancer and this can be a significant deterrent to having no insurance. Cancer is an incredibly painful condition, and it can be long and drawn out, so the risk involved in going without insurance is probably going to be too great unless you can cover everything if such thing occur. It is recommended to get part cover insurance which will be substantially cheaper than comprehensive insurance but will still cover you against the worst cases, and you can cover the less likely occurrences yourself.

The point whether pet insurance is worth it will ultimately depend on your own financial position and whether or not you are prepared to underwrite the risk yourself. Pet insurance are not really necessary if you are quite able to financially handle all your pet’s extreme medical needs if ever there is something that will arise.

Most pet owners insure their pets purely against accidents, which can happen to any pet, and take the risk of underwriting their own illness risk themselves. This can be ideal to those who intend to be pet owners over the course of a long lifetime, and know that the percentages will even out over time. In the end, only the individual can give the definitive answer to the question: Is pet insurance worth it?

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