Should You Get Pet Insurance for Your Dog or Cat?

When you have a beloved dog or cat, that animal is a treasured part of your family. With your pet, just as with any family member, you want to make sure you provide the best medical care possible and you have a backup plan in case an emergency happens and expensive medical treatment is necessary. Wanting to provide for your pet and protect his or her future can lead to questions of whether purchasing pet insurance for your dog or cat is a smart choice.

Is Pet Insurance a Smart Purchase?

Buying pet insurance for your dog or cat is typically a great investment. Your dog or cat has a number of different routine medical expenses, including annual vet visits, vaccines, flea and tick medication and other costs of maintaining routine health. Dogs and cats can also fall ill and need more costly medical care. For instance, your dog might need surgery as a result of eating something he isn’t supposed to, or as a result of various medical conditions such as bloat.

Dogs and cats can be affected by cancer and need surgery or chemotherapy, and dogs and cats could suffer from a number of different injuries and illnesses ranging from diabetes to arthritis. All of the costs of these more serious illnesses can total in the thousands of dollars- a crippling amount for most people’s budgets.

Unfortunately, this can put you in a terrible situation where you are left with the choice of either going seriously into debt or euthanizing a trusted and beloved family member who could perhaps have been saved through medical intervention.

Why Buy Pet Insurance?

can help you to make sure that you have the costs of caring for your pet covered. When you buy pet insurance, you will never have to make the choice between saving your pet or saving your wallet. Instead, you will know that you have protected your furry family member against future catastrophic medical illness, just as you protect your other human family members by buying health insurance.

When you purchase health insurance, you may be able to choose between either all-inclusive coverage that pays bills for routine visits and medical care as well as for serious illnesses, or you may choose catastrophic coverage that pays out only in an emergency situation. The flexibility associated with pet insurance plans allows you to decide on the level of protection that you want. This means that everyone can find a pet insurance plan that fits within their budget and protects their canine or feline companion.

Your pet places his or her trust in you and depends upon you for all of the care he needs. This includes medical care. Your pet likely enriches your life significantly, watches over your family and home and brings joy to your days. Buying pet insurance allows you to give back to your pet and to make sure you never have to say no to life-saving medical care for your animal. It is a small cost for big peace of mind.

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