Reasons Why You May Consider Getting Pet Insurance For Your Cat or Dog

Not everyone has insurance for their pet. Some people have never considered it, some have decided not to get it. If you fall in to either of these two categories, then you may well want to reconsider.There are some really valid reasons for taking out insurance for your cat or your dog. Here we will look at a few of these reasons in more detail.

Pet insurance is sometimes referred to as pet health insurance, this is somewhat of a misnomer. In fact the health aspect of the insurance only forms part of your cover. Whilst one of the primary reasons for taking out pet insurance is to avoid costly vets fees there is a lot more that you get. Sticking with vet fees however, it should be noted that if you anticipate taking your cat or dog to the vet at any time during the year, then the cost of a low monthly premium versus the cost of paying vet’s fees usually means the policy pays for itself. Here are other ways in which the policy might pay for itself.

  • If you are unfortunately taken ill, and have to have a stay in hospital, then you will need your pet taking care of. Some insurance cover, includes paying for cattery fees or kennel fees. Even scheduled visits to hospital might be covered.
  • If your pet happens to cause a situation in which you are sued, then your insurance may cover you for damages and legal fees. In the past this may not have been a consideration for many people, however we are in an age of compensation culture. There is a chance that should your dog be involved in a fracas with another dog and the other dog needs to go to the vet, then you may be asked to pay the vet fees. Your insurance may cover this for you.
  • If your dog or cat goes missing, your pet insurance might pay for you to produce leaflets, posters, or to place an advertisement in the paper. It might also give you the opportunity to offer a reward to anyone that finds your pet. Doing all of this could help you to get your cat or dog back much quicker.

You will note that throughout there is repetition of the phrases, ‘might’, ‘could’, ‘may’, this is because not all policies are the same and all the features mentioned above might not be included in your policy. A ¬†recommends that you always read small print. That you always chose a policy based exactly on what you need.

A final piece of advice is that is it is usually worth buying your policy online. This allows you to compare policies easier than if u are on the phone, and also because a lot of insurance companies of an online discount.

Pet insurance can be worthwhile getting if you can afford it. Some say there is no price on piece of mind. Do your research, and make a decision, based on yours and your pet’s needs.

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